Month: June 2016



It’s the day! Open Recruitment National Board of YFCC INDONESIA is officially open! Are you the next environment savior? Go register yourself at:


  1. Youth (18-28 years old) staying/living in Jabodetabek area is eligible to apply.
  2. Have passion on environmental issues, especially on Climate Change.
  3. Applicant is required to be passionate working in new organizational environment, fast to adapt, and willing to gain experiences and develop networks.
  4. Ready to give contribution – time, energy, and idea, in improving YFCC Indonesia  and to commit the responsibility of the division chosen.
  5. Follow all YFCC Indonesia regulations, ethics, and the recruitment flows.
  6. Applicant may use English or Bahasa Indonesia in filling out the form.
  7. Applicant has to make a divisional project plan, in accordance with which division the applicant has chosen.
  8. The application will be considered as complete and valid if the applicant already filled out all required questions and sent all files (divisional project plan and photo) to, by the latest on July 15th, 2016  at 23:59PM GMT+7.
  9. Only successful applicant who will be notified to their personal e-mail on July 18th, 2016.
  10. The notified applicant has to attend an interview session and present their divisional project plan to the board of committee.
  11. Both interview and presentation will be held on July 23rd-24th, 2016.
Here is information about the divisions in YFCC Indonesia :
1. Strategic Research and Studies (Kajian Strategis) 

“Discover Resolution and Construct Projection through Idea Deliberation” You love research? You are into writing? What about great discussion? Then, think no more! This division is where your brilliant mind belongs. The division’s main responsibilities are arranging a high quality biweekly  online discussion Ahad Cerdas (ACER), improving youths’ insights through  Children’s Climate Class at any school, and all academic and research related thingy.

2. Internal Affairs and Capacity Building Division (Pengembangan Sumber Daya Anggota)

The division’s main responsibility is maintaining internal affairs of YFCC Indonesia and endorsing the capacity building of the members. You are responsible to bond YFCC Indonesia’s members and alumni, develop a “healthy” organizational environment, know and keep YFCC Indonesia’s  inventories. If you are friendly, sociable, and love planning ‘quality time’ for the rest of the members, this is your place!
3. Finance and Funding Division (Keuangan dan Bisnis Kemitraan) 

The main job is establishing partnerships between YFCC Indonesia and other stakeholders – companies, foundations, institutions, government, etc. Besides, you will be responsible to bargain and bid the deal and do negotiations, particularly in terms of financial assistance and material  supports. If you love managing money, love expanding networks to a range of diverse stakeholders, and understand how to do marketing and branding, this is your division!

4. Administration Division (Administrasi)

Our main job is managing, making and collecting all documents which related to YFCC Indonesia. This includes making proposals, letters, and any other documents. In Administration division, you will be likely to have more  opportunities to become a great administrator who will be responsible to ‘keep’ other YFCC Indonesia’s important documents. Furthermore, keeping YFCC Indonesia’s assets to inventory is also our responsibility.

5. Creative Design and Public Relation Division (Kominfo)

This division is designed for those who believe that branding is the most effective strategy. The main job is promoting YFCC Indonesia by various media. You will also be responsible to capture any moments in YFCC Indonesia’s activities and events, handle the press media and press release for YFCC Indonesia in many awesome events. If you are creative, able to work under pressure, possessing basic design skill, or loving creative writing and social-media, and are fascinated in technology, this is your division!
1. This Project Plan is an important part of the requirements for being a YFCC National Board member.
2. Each applicant should make a project plan according to the division they choose.
3. The project plan should be presented in front of all YFCC National Board committees on the day of interview.
4. The proposal idea should be made according to which division you choose:

a. Strategic Research and Studies Division: Make a roadmap in PowerPoint (in chronological order) on how youths can gauge people’s interest in reducing the emission on Earth (it is suggested for you to analyze what are the top two or three of world’s problems in terms of emission, then you may make one roadmap for one problem that you have figured out). You also need to explain how big your project plan impacts on society would be, and how would you measure that impact (analyze the outcome).

b. Internal Affairs and Capacity Building Division: Present an idea for capacity building activity in detail (Elaborate your concept, explain how will you make it real, what element you need to make it real, why do you think this activity is important for member, estimate the budgeting)

c. Finance and Funding Division: Explain your creative idea about how to fund our activity (Make a detail about what you are going to do, How will you make it real, What do you need to make it real, estimate the budgeting and income)

d. Administration Division: How to be a great administrator? (Explain in detail what you are going to do, how will you do it, and what is the importance of it)

e. Media and Creative Design Division: You need to submit an interesting  A4-sized poster, comprising:
1. The Importance of education on climate change in today’s era.
2. Idea for International Climate Day event (name, theme, concept, and agenda of the event)
3. Your available contacts.
4. Put all YFCC social media platforms:
– Twitter: @YFCCIndonesia
– Instagram : @YFCCIndonesia
– Facebook: YFCC Indonesia5. Each applicant will be given max.5 minutes to present their proposal/ poster idea.
6. Please save the soft file of proposal in PDF with format as follows,PROJECTPLAN_FULLNAME_CHOSEN DIVISION (e.g PROJECTPLAN_RAISA ADITYA_ADMINISTRATION), also your close up photo which have high resolution in JPG format and named as follows, PHOTO_FULL NAME_CHOSEN DIVISION (e.g PHOTO_RAISA ADITYA_ADMINISTRATION). attach and send all files (PDF and PHOTO) by email to: with SUBJECT: OPREC YFCC INDONESIA 2016-2018. 
7. If you have any further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp in 085232072455 (Qiqi) or leave any message in our social media/email.
Application Submission : June 27th – July 15th 2016
Selected Form Announcement : July 18th 2016
Interview & Presentation : July 23rd – 24th 2016
Selected Candidates Announcement :July 26th 2016
First Gathering : July 30th 2016
Action Test 1 : August 6th 2016
Action Test 2 : August 20th – 21st 2016
Final Announcement & Inauguration : August 27th – 28th 2016

Internasional Youth Forum on Climate Change and Sustainability Development


(Jakarta, 5/06/16) Dalam rangka menyikapi isu perubahan iklim yang makin global, Kementerian Pemuda dan Olahraga (Kemenpora) bekerja sama dengan Youth for Climate Change (YFCC) Indonesia, Beyond Asean, dan Asean Reusable Bag Campaign (ARBC) guna mengadakan event International Youth Forum on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Acara yang mengusung tema “Catalyze Youth Action on Environmental and Sustainable Issues” dilaksanakan pada 3-5 Juni 2016 di Hotel Aston Marina, Ancol, Jakarta.

Kemenpora beserta ketiga partnership (YFCC Indonesia, Beyond Asean, ARBC) berharap kegiatan ini akan mendorong lahirnya berbagai upaya dalam menghadapi perubahan iklim dengan melibatkan pemikiran dari generasi muda antar bangsa.

“Kami sangat berharap forum ini dapat menyediakan platform dalam mendorong perubahan positif untuk diri kita sendiri, untuk organisasi perwakilan, dan yang paling penting adalah untuk memberikan kembali kepada masyarakat dan lingkungan,” kata Staf Ahli Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga Bidang Kerja sama Kelembagaan, Adiati Noerdin, dalam sambutannya pada Forum Pemuda Internasional, Jakarta, Jumat, 3 Juni 2016.

Selain itu, Adiati Nurdin juga berharap dari 92 peserta lintas mancanegara yang terlibat dalam forum, dapat memformulasikan rencana kerja yang jelas untuk mencapai semua target yang dibuat terkait perubahan iklim dan pembangunan berkelanjutan.

Kegiatan ini dimulai pada hari Jumat, 3 Juni 2016 dan dibuka langsung oleh Staf Ahli Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga, Bidang Kerja sama Kelembagaan, Adiati Noerdin. Selain sesi seminar tentang perubahan iklim yang disampaikan lembaga pemerintahan, lembaga non-pemerintahan, dan para pemuda dari berbagai komunitas lingkungan, pada hari kedua peserta diajak untuk mengunjungi Pulau Pramuka. Di sana peserta diajak untuk mengunjungi penangkaran penyu sisik, menanam lamun dan bibit mangrove, serta sweeping sampah di sekitaran kawasan rumah warga dan sepanjang pantai..

Di hari terakhir dari rangkaian kegiatan, terpilih Wahyu Tri Baharsyah (Universitas Hasanudin Makassar) sebagai ketua angkatan dari Eco Youth Corps, sebuah inisiasi pemuda peduli perubahan iklim yang digagas oleh Kemenpora melalui acara ini. Kedepannya, Eco Youth Corps ini akan bergerak dan bersinergi bersama komunitas lain di bidang perubahan iklim (seperti YFCC Indonesia) guna mengkampanyekan dan melakukan proses mitigasi perubahan iklim agar fenomena perubahan iklim di dunia, khususnya di Indonesia dapat terminimalisir.